The Advent season is a season of preparation – of prayer, contemplation, fasting, and spiritual renewal.  It is a time in which the people of God, by God’s grace, make straight His paths in their hearts.  Rather than simply being an extension of the Christmas celebration, Advent prepares us to more truly and fully celebrate Christ’s birth. 

To help us observe Advent, here is a collection of Scripture readings for each day of the season, drawn from the Book of Common Prayer.  The readings for week three are taken from Psalms, Isaiah, Luke, Mark, and Matthew.      

The readings may be done in one sitting, or divided into morning, noon, and evening.  Contemplate each reading in light of the coming Christmas season – as a means of preparation for the birth of Christ.

Sunday, December 11th – Third Sunday of Advent
Psalm 103
Isaiah 13:6-13
John 3:22-30

Monday, December 12th
Psalm 44
Isaiah 8:16-9:1
Luke 22:39-53  

Tuesday, December 13th
Psalm 45
Isaiah 9:1-7
Luke 22:54-69

Wednesday, December 14th
Psalm 119:49-72
Isaiah 9:8-17
Mark 1:1-8

Thursday, December 15th
Psalm 50
Isaiah 9:18-10:4
Matthew 3:1-12

Friday, December 16th
Psalm 51
Isaiah 10:5-19
Matthew 11:2-15

Saturday, December 17th
Psalm 55
Isaiah 10:20-27
Luke 3:1-9