On Wednesday, November 2nd, we will continue the series, "Saints & Sinners: Stories from Church History", with a study of Constantine the Great - an important, but controversial figure in Church history.

We learn from the heroes of the faith, of course (Hebrews 11), but we also learn from the sins and mistakes of those gone before us, whether in Scripture itself or in the history of the Church (1st Corinthians 10:6-13).  But, history also teaches us that some figures defy such black and white approaches.  Constantine the Great was certainly a Christian, but his actions as emperor leave us with many questions.

- What is the relationship between Church and State?
- Should political leaders impose explicitly religious laws?
- And many more!

Join us as we explore the life of Constantine, along with the questions his life leaves us to consider.

Where: Holy Trinity Reformed Church (3747 Trinity Church Road, Concord, NC)
When: 6:00 pm (dinner) & 6:45 pm (Vespers & Bible Study)