The Advent season is a season of preparation – of prayer, contemplation, fasting, and spiritual renewal.  It is a time in which the people of God, by God’s grace, make straight His paths in their hearts.  Advent is a “time to slow down, to take stock of the things that matter the most, and to do a thorough inner housecleaning.  As the ancient dogma of the Church asserts, Advent is a Little Pascha – a time of fasting, prayer, confession, and reconciliation.”

The readings for week two focus on our inability to fulfill the Law of God, our unrighteousness, and therefore, our need for Christ who is our righteousness and the fulfillment of the Law.

Sunday, December 6th – Second Sunday of Advent

Exodus 20:1-17 – The Law of God is delivered in the Ten Commandments, our duties to both God and man are given, and we are helpless to fulfill them on our own.

Monday, December 7th

Joel 2:12-14 – The Lord calls for repentant hearts among His people, as we consider our disobedience to His commands.

Tuesday, December 8th

Isaiah 40:1-11 – The Lord offers comfort to His people as they look to Him.

Wednesday, December 9th

Romans 3:21-28 – True righteousness, which we could not attain ourselves, comes through faith in Jesus Christ.

Thursday, December 10th

Romans 8:1-4 – The Law that condemned us is fulfilled in Christ, and He fulfills it for those who are “in Him.”

Friday, December 11th

Isaiah 60:1-4 – Isaiah points to Christ, the light that has come (or, in Isaiah’s case, would come) into the world

Saturday, December 12th

Hebrews 10:1-10 – We are “sanctified through the offering of the body of Jesus Christ once for all”