"Man is a hungry being.  But he is hungry for God.  Behind all the hunger of our life is God.  All desire is finally a desire for Him.  To be sure, man is not the only hungry being.  All that exists lives by “eating.”  The whole creation depends on food.  But the unique position of man in the universe is that he alone is to bless God for the food and the life he receives from Him."
- Alexander Schmemman, For the Life of the World


On Sunday, October 11th, we will take a brief hiatus from 1st John to remind ourselves of what God does to, in, and for us in the sacraments of baptism and communion.  

We will look at several passages, beginning in Matthew's Gospel 3:11-17 and 26:26-29, then moving to quite a few others as we connect baptism and communion to the Old Covenant sign of circumcision and the feasts.

We have the joyful privilege of celebrating the baptism of little Benjamin Cranford and welcoming him into the Church as well!